Kamis, 23 Agustus 2012


Maafkan aku,
bila aku adalah air mata yang jatuh dari pelupuk mata mu
akulah kepedihan yang mendera.

Maafkan aku,
bila aku adalah debu halus yang terhirup olehmu, melekat pada paruparu mu
akulah yang membuatmu sesak tak bernafas...

Maafkan aku,
bila aku adalah bayangbayang kemarin yang muncul ketika pikirmu melayang
akulah peracau pikiramnu

Maafkan aku,
bila aku adalah sosok pedih yang hadir dan selalu kau lekati dengan hatimu
akulah penyandera jiwamu

Aku mencintaimu, terlalu mencintaimu, lelah mencintaimu....
aku adalah air, udara, bayangan, tanah...
adalah api
aku ada sebagai segalanya, baik kau mau atau tidak.

Minggu, 03 Juni 2012


I'm officially a full time mother...
and I'm proud of it

image: becomingpeculiar.com

Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

june bug

hi, hello there... this is my first letter to you, although i have so much to say earlier-when i had just realize that you are exist. It's been a while since you are inside, is it comfort enough dear? In weeks we will meet soon... I hope you don't mind to feel a little bit uncomfortable once you've breath your first breathe. You'll feel cold and dazzled, but i promise i will hug you and let's pray, your dad will be there in time.Of course it's been a journey to you, from a very little till you have develop your body part and enough strength to come out. God has weave you in a hide.. As well as a journey to you - it has been a journey for me too. you know this is my first time. I've try to overcome and accept the pain at my restless nights and try hard to prepared my self to hold you in my arms. Sometimes i feel i'm not good enough for you. Dad also go through the journey... he become more patient, work harder and supported. You should meet him. I think he will be one of the most lovable dad in the world. I believe he will take care of us. Baby, i want to give you the best i have... We will be a friend right? We will play together, laugh & cry... i'll accompany you when you want to climb a tree... i'll show you how to use paintbrush... i'll tell you how to win a girl's heart... your dad,  he will give you advice which book you should read... show you how to take your first picture with his Nikon and teach you how to be a good man. So much thing we can do together as a family... so much fun are waiting for you. The world is still a beautiful place - although it's can be a little suck, it depends how we are looking at one thing. you'll experience it soon... but for now, don't be in a rush... take your time and save your energy. Sleep tight and prepare your self out when God says you are ready.. Don't be afraid.. St. Raphael - the healer and friend be with you.

love you,


Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

best friends

clara oktarina

I would like to introduce you a young, passionate and a very talented artist. Born in October 1989, her name is Clara Oktarina. I met her sometime in 2008 in a religious class at Shekinah. First impression that I have for her was an uncommunicative but a nice and polite person. She listen a lot, humble, act carefully but with a lot of care. Moreover, I've noticed she is a sensitive person and also has a big sens of art. We've been together in the same class for one year - if i'm not mistaken... (fyi: I have a short term memory T___T).
Meet her would be a great opportunity to make a relationship with - what I called "a soon to be a great artis".
View her artworks, and you will agree with what I'm saying!

Copied from her favorite quotes:

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was, and always will be yours. If it never returns, it was never yours to begin with. (anonymous)

there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly. (r buckminster fuller)

wherever you go, go with all your heart. (confusius)

it is not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters. (mother theresa)

you can't rush perfection!!! (spongebob)
<--- so damn agree!!

I have been a knowledgeably (read: sok-tahu) person to put a value for her from quotes above; because I believe someone will not put quotes as their favorite if it never touch his/her heart. I think these quotes have been her lights to live her life because I see these quotes have been applied already to her daily behavior.
Well, to day is her birthday, so I would like to say: Happy Birthday Aya! :) keep on those good work & be more creative.

ps: She has just started her personal blog... so check it out, and maybe you'll get inspired!